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Still Life Group Show

February 26, 2022-April 17, 2022
Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 5, 6-8 PM
New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery
7800 Oak Street, New Orleans LA


Concrete Membranes: An Enduring Gesture

In collaboration with Maggie Schmiegelow

Virtual artist talk:

Concrete Membranes: An Enduring Gesture: Interview with Geren Heurtin and Maggie Schmiegelow

Open: July 27 - August 14, 2020
Hopkins Hall Gallery

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, this exhibition takes place solely online to ensure the safety of artists, gallery staff and viewers.

Click the above link to view the exhibition.


"In the exhibition Concrete Membranes: An Enduring Gesture, Geren Heurtin and Maggie Schmiegelow work to seek out such candid moments of witness. Using process intensive means of investigation, these two artists employ a practice of critical awareness through which to better understand the body, its thresholds and its shifting boundaries. Often focused on their own complex relations to the body as container, both artists aim to give form to what might be felt but not always seen. Skin plays a pivotal role in this work; functioning as a protective barrier, but also as a metaphor for empathy, strength, and resilience. Both artists employ time-based explorations of endurance, feeling out the edges through acts of repetition and mark making."


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